This story will ruin you | Fallen heir (The Royals #4) by Erin Watt

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First thoughts after reading: I need more

Erin Watt started an amazing series called The Royals. Fallen heir is the fourth instalment, which centers on Easton Royal. He is used to getting everything until his path crosses with Hartley’s. She isn’t like anyone East knows.

I enjoyed the story from the beginning to the end. You could say that the first half was like a typical YA/NA book. He wants her, she doesn’t want him. And so on, but then I realized – it’s The Royals we are talking about, so everything was just calm before the storm and oh, what a storm it was.

Sometimes boring is good. It’s in the quiet you hear the heart beat.

To be honest, sometimes I wanted to grab Easton and shake him so hard, so he would come to senses. He is the kind of a bad guy with a sweet heart. But the main problem is that he doesn’t handle complicated things well. I don’t judge him, he is who he is. There were times when I rolled my eyes so much, they started hurting. I was screaming at him: “East, come on, open your eyes, and stop being a god damn child!” There were also times, when I was silently begging him not to do something stupid. Maybe it sounds like I don’t like him, but I do, I honestly like him best out of the brothers. It is so great to see his change. It made me smile so hard. I wanted to just jump around my room. It is a slow one, but it is there.

I absolutely adore Harley. She is this type of girl you want to have for a best friend. Her life is not easy; one misunderstanding with her father turned her life upside down. She is coping in her own way. I admire her strength. Honestly, if I were in her shoes, I would probably break down.

I take her hand in mine. I probably hold it longer than friends normally do, but I’m young, too. Still learning and growing and all that crap.

I absolutely love this book because:

  • Easton is not your boy next door. He is complicated and that makes him more human.
  • The dynamics among the characters is amazing and believable.
  • THE WRITING STYLE! I read the story in a day. There is always something happening and even when something doesn’t make sense at first, a few pages later it does.
  • PLOT TWISTS! Oh my god! My heart might have stopped a few times. I laughed. I cried. I was mad. I wanted to murder some characters. I felt helpless. There were parts when I wanted to jump into the story and help them. Scream the right answers at them, the right solutions. I L.O.V.E.D how on edge the story made me feel.
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! You read about a character, you start to like her and then after finishing Fallen heir you start asking: “Who are you and where did you leave the real Lauren?” Ugh, she was such a bitch here. I wanted to slap her so hard. This is not just about Lauren. As I said before, Easton also went through a big change and a good one I think. There is one character that was getting on my nerves the whole book – Felicity Worthington. This girl is such a pain in the ass it’s not even funny. I wanted to erase her from the story. Make her stop her bitchery.
  • THE STORY IN GENERAL! Erin Watt is the pseudonym for Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick. Both ladies are the bombs separately, but together they are unstoppable. This book is brilliant in so many ways. There are more plots then one. The one at Astor Park reminded me of the movie Cruel Intentions and there’s the other one outside that school. Both are great and well thought out.

Fallen heir is a rollercoaster ride. When you think things are settled and good, the next few pages turn the story upside down. There were times when I screamed – literally screamed – at the characters not to do those thing they were going to do. The ending left me speechless. I’ve read it, stared at my kindle, read it again, like my brain couldn’t comprehend what I read and then I started crying, because that goddamn sentence, those three words were like a dagger to my heart. I really hope it isn’t true. The next book – Cracked kingdom is due to release in January 2018. The wait will be excruciating.

I’m the golden child, yet lately I keep losing.

This book has it all. It’s about friendship, making hard decisions, standing up for yourself, facing hard times, needing to grow up and so much more. I haven’t expected to receive such complex story. Don’t get me wrong, I expected it to be great, it’s The Royals for Christ’s sake, but I got so much more. It left me perfectly ruined. Jen and Elle have such masterminds and I applaud them.

ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:

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