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more-than-friends-for-webFirst thoughts after reading: I need more Amanda and Tuttle!

I already fell in love with Jordan and Amanda in Just friends. I was so happy to know that they are getting their own story. *Insert extremely smiley face here* I tried to have little expectations, but it wouldn’t be me if it would be otherwise. I was so not disappointed. Although I was a little worried how the story will go on and develop, it was for nothing. More than friends is a great read with humor, anxiety, tension and so much more. On top of all there is Monica’s captivating writing style.

Readers already had a little glimpse of what is ahead of Amanda and Tuttle in Just friends. Now Jordan can’t seem to stay away from Mandy. She doesn’t know what to expect of him. It’s so unlike him to behave this way and Amanda is suspicious. The story is full of tension between these two. And furthermore there are answers to the unanswered questions from book one.

morethanfriends-teaser6The torture is slowly killing me. That I can be around her, yet not have her, is twisting me up inside. She is forbidden. Untouchable. Off limits. But she is everything to me. She is the sun and the moon and the stars-everything bright and shiny and unstoppable. But she is also the threatening calm before the storm, the wind that howls with anger, the rain that pounds the ground. She is love and light and sweetness and darkness and anger and passion. She is all I could ever want.

Jordan Tuttle is a character you love to hate. On one hand he has this secret sweet side when you just want to cuddle him and never let go. On the second hand he can be selfish, arrogant and self-absorbed. On the surface it can look like he has everything, but deep down he craves for more. His parents don’t pay him any attention and when they do, it is always like: “Jordan, do this, do that. Behave like we tell you to or otherwise you will face the consequences.” At first I didn’t know what to think of him. I was so torn between his good and bad side. It is the moments when it was obvious he cares. And then he cuts the others off, like he doesn’t need anyone. At the end of the book I really fell for him. Jordan is in no means perfect and that is why I like him so much. He is himself no matter what. When it comes to Amanda, he is torn. He never imagined falling for someone, especially not for her, but she caught his eye long ago and now he won’t let her go. Although, he has strong feelings for Mandy, he gives her a cold shoulder at times and that is why she is so cautious. She doesn’t want to have her heart broken again.

morethanfriends-teaser3How could something that feels this good end up hurting us so bad?

I really want a person like Amanda in my life. I think we would be great friends. She is in many ways like me. She is always calculating things. She never does something spontaneous. And that is why she can’t figure why Tuttle is interested in her. Amanda is careful, but it is so hard not to fall for Jordan’s charm. I really like her attitude, her opinions and personality. I like how honest she is with Olivia; she tells her exactly what she thinks. Sometime it’s Liv, who is not so happy with Amanda’s words, but in my opinion they are true. When it comes to her relationship with Jordan, I was a little hesitant at first. I wasn’t sure if it is real or Tuttle is just playing with her. I really liked, that I was able to get into Jordan’s head. The reader sees him just trough Amanda’s eyes until chapters from his POV appear and – god – I loved them so much.

ni9o7d8yI like Amanda and Tuttle’s story a lot; however there are little things that bugged me. The number one thing: OLIVIA. Honestly, I can’t comprehend why I liked her in Just friends. Maybe it’s because, I see her through someone else’s eyes. Most of the book she is bitchy and uptight. Her decisions aren’t the most incredible ones. I believe in second chances and I think she should reconsider her behavior toward Emily. Yes, she did some ugly things, but Liv wasn’t fully honest with her either. I was kind of disappointed in her character in this story. It’s not just this. It is like Olivia is hung up on Dustin although she is dating Ryan. It’s really messed up.

And that, folks, is how Jordan Tuttle wins over my parents.

The biggest surprise for me is Emily. I think I understand her better now. She has her issues and they make her do stupid things, but she is just a teenage girl. She is allowed to do mistakes. Who didn’t do at least one mistake in their life? I think if she and Liv would talk these things out properly, then their relationship could be so different, but where is no will, there is no way.

morethanfriends-teaser8More than friends is a great book. It is about finding your confidence, about how a person should be open to unknown things. It is also about friendship, betrayal, lies and two faced people. They say one thing to your face and say the second to your friends. It is about brutal honesty, when you don’t want people to know what exactly do you think, but they figure it out nevertheless.

Probably too good of a friend. I’ve let too many people take advantage of me.

When I got to the end of the story, I had a feeling I was missing pages. Damn, a cliffhanger! Then I read Monica’s note and my worries faded away. Amanda and Tuttle are getting another book! I’m so excited to read more about these two.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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