Erin Watt – Twisted palace (The Royals #3)

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29519517First thoughts after the reading: a perfect ending to a perfect series

Erin Watt is a pen name for the authors Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. I love both authors so when I found out that they are writing together I got pretty excited. I love their writing style separately , but together they are even better. The Royals series quickly became one of my absolutely favorite series of all times.

Twisted palace picks up right where Broken prince finished. Brooke is dead. Reed is charged with murder and Steve is back. Everything is going to hell. Ella doesn’t know how to help her boyfriend. Her dad is here and it feels so strange. But the main problem is Reed’s arrest. She wants to believe him, but this little voice in her head whispers to her all the inappropriate thoughts. All the what ifs are killing her.

The world’s fucked up when East is the calm one, while my heart is beating so hard it feels like it’ll leap out of my chest. I shove a hand through my hair and glare at the lights, willing the elevator to move faster.

5365042217_91070d9830_bThe book is full of tension, anxiety and many more. It makes you feel a lot of emotions. I was scared, I cried, I laughed at times. There were moments where I had this huge smile on my face. The story is so well thought out. There were times when I thought: “Why would Jen and Elle mention this? Is it important?” And then I got the answer. All things in the story are essential to it. When I thought that I have figured things out, everything changes. I felt desperate at times, like I wanted to help Reed, Ella and all the others. I was on the edge most of the reading. It was like that dangerous exciting rollercoaster you don’t want to get off. After the reading I just sat in my room and couldn’t clear my thoughts. My mind was like a hurricane, such a mess. Even now I can’t comprehend some things which happened in the book, because I never expected authors to go that road, but they did and I applaud them for that.

And I see her. Ella Harper is all I’m ever going to see, because she’s my future. She’s my steel and my fire and my salvation.

Reed is not the usual boy next door type of character. He is explosive, aggressive, but in the same time he has this hidden sweet side, which not many know.  I didn’t like him at first. He was a mystery to me and I just couldn’t seem to figure him out. But now that I know him better I absolutely love him. The main reason is that he is in no means perfect. He has ups and downs and sometimes I really don’t get what he is thinking, but all in all he is such a complex character. I really like his protectiveness and the fact that he always – ALWAYS – stands up for his brothers. Sometimes he makes the worst decisions, but on the other hand he is willing to sacrifice himself for others. It´s like there are two people in him and that makes him unique in my eyes.

20674936-_sx540_Reed’s not the destroyer. He’s never destroyed anything in his life; he’s always been the protector, even at this moment when he battles his own lust for control.

I absolutely adore Ella. She had to go through hell and more to be happy and even now it can be taken away from her. She will do everything to prove that Reed is innocent. She feels like she is the only one who completely believes, that he is not a murderer. I just love how badass she is. Her life is not easy and even now she is struggling with some things. On top of all her father comes back from death. She is confused and doesn’t know what to do or think. Steve is a stranger to her. I absolutely understand her attitude. She has developed this strong personality. She doesn’t take anything for granted. She just learned what it means to have a real family, but circumstances are threating to take everything away from her. So she fights and she fights hard.

I can’t remember the last time I cared whether or not my father was disappointed in me. But … I kind of care right now.

There are some huge surprises For me the biggest is Dinah. She is mostly a bitch in the book, but in the end – holy Gods – she does such an unexpected thing that I needed to re-read it. That moment showed me that she can make right decisions. I really hated her during reading, but the thing she did was really brave. Honestly, I kind of started to feel sorry for her. She is not a good person, but she can make some good choices when the situation needs it.

51n8j1ispml-_ux250_Contrary to what you believe, the world does not revolve around you. I’ve been Ella’s guardian for months. I’ve clothed her and fed her and made sure her every need is met. At the moment, I am the closest thing this girl has to a father.

Since the moment Steve appeared in the story I had a feeling he is bad news. So many questions circle around him. I didn’t like him at all. He tries to be a father, but fails terribly. It makes me so mad how he treats Ella. I try to understand him, but no matter how hard I try I just don’t get him. He knew he has a daughter, but he never tried to contact her or get to know her and now he is playing the great daddy. Sorry, Steve, it didn’t click for me.

There was this one moment when I thought that everything is lost. I felt desperate and sad. Everything appeared like there is no way out. This single moment left me in tears, because up till then I had this slight bit of hope. The tension made me so miserable. And then the ending came and I was left open mouthed. The conclusion hit me so hard I needed to read it several times to really understand what happened. More secrets are revealed, some really big ones. The story ripped my heart open. I was so relieved with the ending it’s not even funny.

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“I told Val once that you and I are mirrors,” Ella whispers to me. “That we fit in some weird way.”

Twisted palace in a great ending to an amazing series. It has it all, humor, sadness, tension, anxiety, hot scenes, a little bit of romance and incredible characters. The story is about finding a way out of a hopeless situation. It is about friendship, family and how standing up for others is really important in life. How two completely different people come to know each other and fall in love. The series really got under my skin.

The characters are in no means perfect, but that makes them more unique. There is no one who really went on my nerves. Yes, I hated some of them, but nevertheless they added a special spark to the story. I really hope there will be a spin-off series, because I think there is so much more to tell. Keeping my fingers crossed.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. vieš čo je to uhol pohladu podla mňa 🙂 ako môže sa ti zdať že je to nudné lebo riešia stále to Reedove obvinenie a tak 🙂 lenže ja mám tú sériu tak rada, že tento trochu pozvolný dej mi absolútne nevadil a práveže som ho uvítala 🙂 tak uvidíš ked sa do toho pustíš a hádam ťa to nesklame 🙂 ale sú tam náznaky, že môžu byť ďalšie knihy 😛

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