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Blind Landing Ebook CoverFirst thoughts after reading: absolutely loooooove the dynamics of the story

Blind landing is the first book in the new adult series Flipped. Gymnastics is one of my favorite sports so it was a must-read for me. I didn’t expect much, because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I surely wasn’t.

The story focuses on the Filipek’s gym, where the main characters train to get to the Olympics in Rio. Natalia “Nat” Grekov has been training her whole life to fulfill her dreams. She is so close to reaching the gold medal she has always dreamed of. But a sudden accident leaves her in fear. Her confidence is slightly shattered. She needs to let go of the fear and be the best of the best, while she fights the attraction to a fellow gymnast.

One day, my boy, you are going to be completely blindsided by a woman so spectacular, she’ll knock you on your ass and give you a run for your money. You’re going to meet a woman who is everything you are and more, someone who meets you stride for stride. I can’t wait for that day, Spencer.

Spencer “Spence” Russell had his life planned. He would fight to get a place in the Olympic team of the USA. But you don‘t get everything you want. Spence’s future wobbles when an injury cuts his dreams short, leaving him miserable and hollow. Coaching is just a little plaster. Nevertheless, he loves his job – watching the other gymnasts taking a shot at the Olympics, fulfilling their dreams, their once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and helping them get to their goals.

Learning-Gymnastic-Skills-in-Overland-Park-KS-fbThe story is really complex. Carrie created such amazing characters – you will love, hate and even want to be some of them. There are no major twists or turns, but the book is just to fall for. From chapter one I fell for the story, for the characters, for the sport in it and for the easy flow of the storyline. It gave me all the feels. I was mad, happy, blushing, smiling, and anxious and my heart was melting whenever Spence and Nat had an interaction.

It’s so peaceful like this in the morning. Sometimes I can actually feel that place in my heart that first fell in love with gymnastics.

Keep-the-love-aliveYou see, Natalia is not your typical girl next door. She knows what she wants and would do anything to accomplish it. I can’t say anything bad about her. Sometimes I didn’t agree with her decisions, but she believed that it was for the best. She is not shy. Nat is the type of character you either love or hate. I liked her from the beginning. I admired her strong will. She never wanted to fall for Spence, but the best things happen at the most unexpected times. Flirting is ok, but relationship? Not so much. You know what they say though: “You want something, but God has other things prepared for you.” This is how I felt about Nat and Spence. They never wanted a relationship, but as time flew, they got to know each other and fell for each other. I liked how bold Natalia is. She doesn’t give a damn about what others think about her. She focuses on her goal. That is her main priority. I so hope to read more about her in the future.

And then there is Spence. A hero I absolutely adored. He has his own issues, but still stays true to himself. He is cocky, sexy, funny and lovable. Sometimes he acts before he thinks which leads to some nerve wracking situations. He is a really great character. There were moments when I melted. He treated Nat, her friends and his friends with so much respect, it touched my heart. He is such a complex character. He has his ups and downs, but this just proves how realistic he is. I would like to have someone like Spencer in my life.

gymnast-in-blue-against-black-backgroundWomen are beautiful things. I appreciate their femininity and their enticing, sweet ways. I appreciate their sauciness and their authority; I appreciate how they always seem to smell like vanilla or flowers. I’ve appreciated my fair share of women up close and personally. But I’ve never appreciated a woman more than I’ve appreciated Natalia Grekov.

The only character I absolutely hated is Novak, the owner and head coach at the Filipek’s. His methods are just sadistic. I didn’t believe that he is doing it for the good of the gymnasts. He likes to torture them, push them to their limits. He even pushes them to the point of no return. He is selfish and coldhearted. He has just one goal in view and that is the Olympics. He would go over corpses to accomplish it and it doesn’t matter to him if he hurts the gymnasts in the process.

41-DDpo+RnLIn Blind landing Carrie introduces us to a world of gymnastics, hard work, friendship, love and following your dreams. She also shows us that the gymnasts have to sweat blood to reach their goals. I loved the story from the very beginning to the last page. It’s full of humor, scenes that make you swoon, and on top of everything, the supporting characters are incredible. I wouldn’t mind if there were books about them. I enjoyed this read a lot. It’s so beautifully written, that I was often smiling like a maniac. The thing I also liked about this story is that Carrie used her own experience from the time when she did gymnastics, so this makes the book more authentic.

I just can’t wait to read more from this series. I fell in love with it, with its simplicity, its characters and the story as a whole.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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