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unnamed1First thoughts after reading: finally we get to know Dean better, hell I enjoyed it too much

I´ve been waiting for The score so impatiently. We had Garrett, an absolute sweetheart, who melted my heart in an instant. Then we got Logan, a man, who is totally awesome and now there is Dean, the man whore Dean, the ladies’ man, the person who gets what he wants, but is that so? When I got the ARC in my mail inbox, I literally screamed. Like what? I started reading the very second I put it in my Kindle. I had high hopes, because the previous two books were amazing and I expected the same from this story. I got so much more. The story is a whole package of humor, thrill, love and a lot more. I gave the story 5 stars, but it definitely deserves more.

1* – Dean

Some might think that Dean is a selfish bastard, who doesn´t care about anybody but himself. Let me prove you wrong. When we met him for the first time, I wasn’t really thrilled. He was this person who would do everything to get what he wanted. But there is a lot more beneath the perfect world of Dean Di Laurentis there is a lot more. In this book I fell for him. His family has high expectations of him, so he tries to enjoy college as much as he can without regrets. He never imagined that love would step in. He is used to hooking up with women all the time. So what is different about Allie? Why did she turn his world upside down? Well, I was so curious how this would work out and it blew my mind, but back to Dean. When I look at his character, I would say that he is a complex hero. He is not perfect and that makes him human. No matter how much he wants to show the world around that his life is a piece of cake, there is so much more hidden underneath. The author showed readers what is the reason behind his actions. One past mistake made him who he is. Yes, he is arrogant, doesn´t take no for an answer. He lives for the moment, because when he looks in the future, there is no freedom, no hockey at all and that scares him. He made peace with what his parents expect from him. In general, Dean is so far my favorite from the series. There is just something so genuine about him, which made me really like him. If I had to choose a tagline for Dean from the book it would be: “I do what I want, when I want. And I don´t give a shit what other people think about.”

17458058._SX540_You know what else won an Oscar? Silence of the Lambs. Jaws. The Exorcist.

1* – Allie

I already liked Allie in The deal, so I was really happy when I learned that she is Dean´s heroine. After an ugly breakup with her boyfriend Sean, she is struggling. She is not a one night stand kind of girl, she is all about relationships. She can´t imagine not being in one. So when a night full of alcohol with Dean ends with a hook up, she is mad at herself. That is so not like her. She tries to avoid him. But he is so determined and doesn´t give up easily. She is overthinking what would happen if she and Dean would have an exclusive fling. Unlike anything she has done before, she decides to risk it. She never expected the result. Falling for Dean was never her intention. I really liked Allie´s character. She is not perfect, just like Dean. That leads to some not so good choices. I tried to understand them, but it bugged me. Sean would not leave her alone and she makes the mistake of talking to him. If I was her I would never ever want to see him again. But she is only human and humans make mistakes. When she got to know Dean better, she figured out that they are a lot alike. She says what she wants, when she wants and doesn’t give a damn. She does things her way and doesn’t ask for permission from others. She is bold and great. A type of heroine you would want to have for a best friend in real life.

You sitting or what? I´ll stand, thanks. Aw, come on. I don’t bite. Yes, you do.

The-Score-Quote1* – supporting characters

It would be a sin not to mention Garrett and the gang. I just loved when they appeared in the story. And finally we get to know Tucker better. It´s like the author made ground for his story here. He has some secrets going on about which we don’t know a thing. He is mysterious, doesn’t spend a lot of time at home. I was wondering where it could lead. I knew by the end. That was such a bomb which was dropped that I had to reread the ending again with my mouth wide open. I wasn’t sure what I just read. And then it hit me. TUCKER WILL GET HIS OWN BOOK! Now back to the others. Sometimes I was not happy with their behavior. I was sad to know that the boys don’t trust Dean enough. It bothered me because it was like they don’t believe that he cares about them. There was this one moment when I was like: “Wait what? He can´t mean it.” And there was Hannah, who would protect her best friend no matter what. At first I was thinking that she is too dramatic, that she is not happy for Allie, but then I thought about it for the second time and realized that she was just worried about her. She didn’t want Dean to break her heart. I love these characters to bits. They are so complex. Not perfect, but realistic. Not awkward, but funny. They have their issues and they try to battle them as well as they can. They are always there for each other and got each others’ backs.

I sigh. “Anyway, Solange is dating Sebastian—“ “Sebastian, huh? That´s my middle name.” He pauses. “Well, one of them,” he amends. My brow furrows. “How many middle names do you have?” “Two. My full name is Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward-Di Laurentis.”

ellekennedyphotobigw1* – story

There are so many stories written about a hero who likes women, for whom life is easy, who can´t imagine himself falling in love and a heroine, who doesn’t want to fall for the college hunk. But Elle Kennedy took this theme and made it her own with twists and turns, unexpected situations. Humorous moments which made me laugh so hard that I cried. There are some memorable scenes as well. Like we had the locker room scene in The Deal, here we have a bathroom scene with Winston. When I recall it, I am still laughing my lungs out. The story has a fast pace. You´ll be unable to put it down until you get to the bomb in the end. I love this book so much. It´s one of the best books in this genre. I personally love stories about sports and when it´s about hockey, count me in. And this is another reason why this is a great story. It features a great sport, well for me it´s the best sport on the planet.

He´s good to me. He´s a great listener. He´s fun to be around. The sex is off-the-charts amazing.

17450344._SX540_1* – writing style

Well, I can just say that Elle Kennedy is pure genius. Sometimes there are these stories that you consider interesting, but the writing style is so boring you don’t get halfway through the book. But not here, you would have a big problem with putting this one down. You´ll cry, you´ll laugh. There are too many cute moments to remember. I wish I could talk about them, but I am keeping my mouth shut. Elle Kennedy is the master of the word. The story is just incredibly well thought out. There is nothing missing what a great story should have. Amazing characters. Check. Great plot. Check. Twists and unexpected moments. Check. Hot sex scenes. Check. A little drama. Check. All in all, The score did the series justice.

And to get you excited, the author is working on Tucker´s book – if everything would go well – should be released in September this year.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Som na to fakt zvedavá. Dvojku som si síce nezamilovala úplne, ale do trojky vkladám veľké nádeje, že sa mi to zapáči aspoň tak ako jednotka… Alebo aj viac? 😀 Nut, nebránim sa 😀

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