Elle Kennedy – The Goal (Off-campus #4)

28262024First thoughts after reading: this story just blew me away

I was so excited when I found out that Tucker is getting his book. However, I was surprised that his heroine will be Sabrina. She didn’t leave the best first impression in the second book so I was pretty curious. What I got really shocked me. I wasn’t expecting this.

The Goal is the fourth installment in the Off-campus series by the American author Elle Kennedy. In the previous books, we didn’t get to know Tucker very much. He was just a friend. But deep down, I knew that there is something more to him. And – oh my god – was I right. Pokračovať v čítaní „Elle Kennedy – The Goal (Off-campus #4)“

Elle Kennedy – The score (Off-campus #3)

unnamed1First thoughts after reading: finally we get to know Dean better, hell I enjoyed it too much

I´ve been waiting for The score so impatiently. We had Garrett, an absolute sweetheart, who melted my heart in an instant. Then we got Logan, a man, who is totally awesome and now there is Dean, the man whore Dean, the ladies’ man, the person who gets what he wants, but is that so? When I got the ARC in my mail inbox, I literally screamed. Like what? I started reading the very second I put it in my Kindle. I had high hopes, because the previous two books were amazing and I expected the same from this story. I got so much more. The story is a whole package of humor, thrill, love and a lot more. I gave the story 5 stars, but it definitely deserves more. Pokračovať v čítaní „Elle Kennedy – The score (Off-campus #3)“