Erin Watt – Twisted palace (The Royals #3)


29519517First thoughts after the reading: a perfect ending to a perfect series

Erin Watt is a pen name for the authors Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. I love both authors so when I found out that they are writing together I got pretty excited. I love their writing style separately , but together they are even better. The Royals series quickly became one of my absolutely favorite series of all times.

Twisted palace picks up right where Broken prince finished. Brooke is dead. Reed is charged with murder and Steve is back. Everything is going to hell. Ella doesn’t know how to help her boyfriend. Her dad is here and it feels so strange. But the main problem is Reed’s arrest. She wants to believe him, but this little voice in her head whispers to her all the inappropriate thoughts. All the what ifs are killing her. Pokračovať v čítaní „Erin Watt – Twisted palace (The Royals #3)“

Elle Kennedy – The Goal (Off-campus #4)

28262024First thoughts after reading: this story just blew me away

I was so excited when I found out that Tucker is getting his book. However, I was surprised that his heroine will be Sabrina. She didn’t leave the best first impression in the second book so I was pretty curious. What I got really shocked me. I wasn’t expecting this.

The Goal is the fourth installment in the Off-campus series by the American author Elle Kennedy. In the previous books, we didn’t get to know Tucker very much. He was just a friend. But deep down, I knew that there is something more to him. And – oh my god – was I right. Pokračovať v čítaní „Elle Kennedy – The Goal (Off-campus #4)“

Elle Kennedy – The score (Off-campus #3)

unnamed1First thoughts after reading: finally we get to know Dean better, hell I enjoyed it too much

I´ve been waiting for The score so impatiently. We had Garrett, an absolute sweetheart, who melted my heart in an instant. Then we got Logan, a man, who is totally awesome and now there is Dean, the man whore Dean, the ladies’ man, the person who gets what he wants, but is that so? When I got the ARC in my mail inbox, I literally screamed. Like what? I started reading the very second I put it in my Kindle. I had high hopes, because the previous two books were amazing and I expected the same from this story. I got so much more. The story is a whole package of humor, thrill, love and a lot more. I gave the story 5 stars, but it definitely deserves more. Pokračovať v čítaní „Elle Kennedy – The score (Off-campus #3)“